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11/16/17 Roseville Fields are closed

From the Desk of the President:


Thank you for you for volunteering this soccer season.  The club relies on your help each year to make for a successful season.

The RYSC Board still needs to fill new positions for next season.  We have a variety of roles to fill.  Please consider joining the board to make some positive changes to the club. 

Feel free to email me ( to discuss the open spots we have for 2018. 

John Sommercamp

President, RYSC

RYSC Excessive Heat policy: If the temperature is greater than 100 degrees, you should dial back your practice intensity and take more water breaks. Consider working on elements that do not require as much running, such as free kicks, corner kicks, penalty kicks, etc. If the temperature exceeds 105 degrees, you should cancel practice.  

It is our goal to have the schedules for the first half of the U9-U14 Recreational season posted by September 1st.  Thank you for your patience.

Purchasing Recreational Uniforms 
Uniforms may be purchased through 

Kombat Soccer, the official provider of uniforms for the Roseville Youth Soccer Club, which is located at:
1230 Sunset Blvd., Suite 300

Rocklin, CA 95765
(Corner of Sunset Blvd. and West Oaks Blvd. next to Mongolian BBQ Sizzle)
For store hours, call (916) 865-6469 or visit

Congratulations to the following Roseville Premier teams:

Junction City Tournament

First Place teams

U-9 Boys Roseville Explosion  
U-10 Boys Roseville Rapids
U-17 Girls Roseville Fury
U-19 Girls Roseville Impulse

Second Place teams

U-13 Boys  Roseville Wolfpack  
U-15 Boys  Roseville Alliance  
U-19 Boys  Roseville Union   
U-10 Girls Roseville Smash   
U-13 Girls Roseville Fever  
U-14 Girls Roseville Dream Team   
U-17 Girls Roseville Athletica  


Board Meeting
January 9th, 2018 at 7:00p.m.

Mahany Sports Complex

1545 Pleasant Grove BLVD

Roseville, CA

Registration for the fall recreational program is now closed.  To be added to the wait list please visit the Registration home page.

The Board of Director for RYSC have adopted a new logo and name for its competitive program.  The program will now be referred to as Roseville Premier Soccer.  The recreational program will continue to be known as RYSC or Roseville Youth Soccer Club.

U.S. Soccer Changes: Friday, December 4th RYSC held an informational meeting for parents and coaches to have a better understanding of the US Soccer changes that are being mandated and how they will effect RYSC .  If you were not able to attend you can review the presented slide deck by clicking here.  Please let us know if you have any questions and we will do our best to answer them.  Please note that this is a work in progress and some changes will be mandated and some are suggested changes and RYSC will do their best to help make the impact on our club as smooth as possible.

2017 Comp Coaches named

U9 Girls A:  Theo Voskes 
U10 Girls A: Salomon Silva
U10 Girls B: Joe Loveland
U11 Girls A: Sean Espley
U11 Girls B: Matt Ruiz
U12 Girls A: Eric Gonthier
U12 Girls B: Scott Smith
U13 Girls A: Paul Durrans
U13 Girls B: Andy Ontell
U14 Girls A: Gary Aubin           
U14 Girls B: Ben Geddes
U15 Girls A: Mike Chadwell
U16 Girls A: Jose Ordaz
U16 Girls B: Patrick Doty
U17 Girls A: Jeff Young
U17 Girls B:  Jimmy Martinez
U19 Girls A:  Alan Madamba
U9  Boys A: Salvador Robles
U9  Boys B: Paul Valdez
U10 Boys A: Darrin Richards
U11 Boys A: Robby Walker
U11 Boys B: Justin Bloom
U12 Boys A: Kevin Stringer
U12 Boys B: Robert Werner
U13 Boys A: Dave Lauchner
U13 Boys B: Albert Lozano
U14 Boys A: Kevin Phillips
U15 Boys A :  Shawn Durant
U15 Boys B:  Shawn Doty
U16 Boys A:  Matt Leonard
U16 Boys B:  Troy Ferro
U17 Boys A:  Eric Berger
U19 Boys A:  Shaun Hilton



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