Manage your team online at

or you can use other sites such as Shutterfly, etc

TeamSideline is a FREE website where you can easily post 
and update all of your team’s important information including:

Game Schedule: 
•Game dates and times
•Game location with an optional map link
•Jersey color
•Coaches and Team Manager’s names, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses

•Roster with parents’ names, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses
•Link family and friends to your team’s page so that everyone 
always knows when and where games and other events are.
•Track and post game results.
•Create automatic e-mail reminders before games, photo day,
 team party, or other team events.
•Create an automatic attendance poll for games and other events.
•Easily distribute team announcements and updates.
•Easily update schedule, event, location, roster, or contact information changes.
•Game schedules, driving directions, and rosters can be printed directly from the website.

If you prefer to make and hand out a roster and schedule on paper, 

be sure to include the following:
Roster template Game Schedule template
•Player’s Name •Date
•Parents’ Names •Game Time
•Coaches’ Names •Warm-up Time
•Team Manager’s Name •Location
•Home Phone Numbers •Jersey Color
•Cell Phone Numbers •Family bringing snack
•E-mail Addresses •Opponent (optional)